Computer graphics center

Our center is established on July 1999 and it is a part of Institute for Informatics and Automation.
The basic direction of center activity are research and development in the area of 3D real time computer graphics.

Portfolio by technology


Virtual Clothing

The purpose of this research project are clothing simulation in real time. The simple demo simulates the fitting of "poncho" on woman's body. Own mathematical approach was developed for fast fitting simulation.

"Waterguncleans" shadow calculation program

The goal is to determine the optimal position of the "waterguncleans" inside navy tankers. There are several criterions for the shadow calculations: angle and distance between incoming jet and the surface to be cleaned, shapes of the internal structural components of tankers and others.

Input: geometry of navy tankers in VRML97 format


3D viewer

Special real time 3D viewer was developed on top of OpenGVS graphics library. Though so many details in the 3D scene, the movement is smooth due to unique performance: 25 frames per second on a PII-300 with accelerator card.

Input: geometry in 3DS format exported from 3DStudio MAX


lenexpo.jpg (6732 bytes) Lenexpo 

The first Russian virtual exhibition center Lenexpo created on the base of Virtual Reality technology which is modeling a real Exhibition Ground.

Neva-riva embankment 

The reconstruction model of Neva river embankment between Tuchkov and Birzevoy bridges in Saint-Petersburg.

3DStudio MAX plug-ins 

animints.jpg (10534 bytes) Face animation plug-ins

3DStudio MAX plug-in for face animation of virtual character compatible with VISAGE Studio motion capture from Eptron.



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