#!/usr/local/bin/perl5 asp <% $Response->Include('header.inc', $Request->Form('color') || 'white',5); %>

Demonstration of dynamic includes.

This first example demonstrates dynamic includes SSI style. First try entering a color in the box to be passed as a runtime argument to the included header for this file. Just hit enter after typing in the color.
Now to show you how to access dynamic includes through the API extension $Response->Include($filename, @args)... please enter a number of columns less than 10 in the text box, and a grid will be produce below of that size.
<% my $size = $Request->Form('size'); if($size > 0 and $size <= 10) { # Response->Include() and Server->Execute do the same things # but the former is the native solution, and the latter comes # from the recent IIS/ASP 3.0 API extension. Formally, Execute() # doesn't take arguments, but we allow this functionality. if($size % 2) { $Response->Include('table.inc', $size); } else { $Server->Execute('table.inc', $size); } } else { print "Please enter a valid number from 1 to 10 in the form.\n"; } %>