<% $Response->{Buffer} = 1; %> <% unless($Request->QueryString('virtual') || $Request->QueryString('redirect')) { $Response->Redirect("$demo->{file}?redirect=1"); } if($Request->QueryString('virtual')) { # If virtual include of self, print a little, then exit ... $Response->Clear(); %>
SSI Virtual Include
<% $Response->End(); } %> This is a demo of using SSI directives, via Apache::Filter and Apache::SSI. You must have a modperl version of at least 1.16 installed with the PERL_STACKED_HANDLERS configuration option turned on when compiling. We will now do an ssi virtual include. I had to be careful after doing a recursive include. Ouch!
Other SSI Directives
ssi fsize:
ssi flastmod: